The Q-Dentists in Freiburg:
Quality is our profession!

Beautiful, healthy teeth are a valuable asset. To ensure that something of such value is protected and preserved for a lifetime, and that a visit to the dentist in Freiburg comes easy, we assist by offering you comprehensive consultation services, careful prophylaxis, and individualized treatment concepts.

That’s what we say – and what do our patients say?

The Q- Dentists combine a broad range of dentistry skills so as to best help you and your teeth. We are specialists in both conservative and reconstructive-aesthetic treatment methods, ranging from parodontology and prophylaxis, through root canal treatment, all the way up to implantology and oral surgery.­

Furthermore, we are members of all the renowned scientific professional organizations and have all the relevant certifications. So you can rest assured that you will always receive competent advice and treatment from both the team and your dentist in Freiburg.

Get to know us: Either here on our website, or drop by the practice in person!