Aesthetic dentistry in Freiburg: Healthy teeth and an attractive laugh

Aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry restores the optimal function and the natural appearance of the teeth. Possible treatments in our dental practice range from the visual brightening of tooth surfaces right up to dental prostheses including fillings, crowns or (partial) prostheses.

Clean always means healthy

Only clean teeth can remain healthy in the long run. This is the point at which aesthetic dentistry begins. It is not just about making the teeth look beautiful – we want them to be beautiful and healthy!

Lost, damaged or malpositioned teeth are not only a visual blemish, but they also affect the functionality of the entire set of teeth. The aim of reconstructive-aesthetic dental medicine is to restore both optimal function and a natural appearance to the teeth.

  • In the area of ​​the front teeth, small defects are immediately noticeable. We can eliminate these small blemishes!
  • Missing teeth are replaced with alternatives which are very close to nature’s model
  • Malpositioned teeth are corrected in cooperation with experienced orthodontists!
  • Gum corrections make your smile healthier and more attractive!
  • Discolorations are removed with professional teeth whitening!
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