Tooth conservation in your dental practice in Freiburg: Healthy teeth – your lifetime long

We have one target; that our patient’s oral health should be at the highest possible level at all times. The basis for your health is above all, regular prevention. Therefore, along with taking care of your teeth and gums at home, take advantage of the prophylaxis and check-ups in our dental practice in Freiburg.

In this way, we will always know whether you and your oral health are on the right course, or whether there is a need for us to take action together.

Stress-free treatments for your teeth and gums

Modern dentistry can do a lot for you, even if your teeth, gums or tooth beds are no longer in good shape. With the treatment options now available in parodontology and endodontics, we can do a lot for you. And if you are are a patient who suffers from anxiety, you are in good hands with us.