No need to be afraid of the dentist: In Freiburg, we have something to calm your fears

In our dental practice in Freiburg, we offer the patient a pain-free treatment! In addition to the well-known local numbing of the area (local anesthesia), we offer treatments in general anesthesia or light sedation (analgosedation). You will see, no sooner has the treatment begun and it is already over!

Even dental phobias of many decades can quickly come to an end, as in the case of one of our patients, Heike Mahler!

Consequences of dental anxiety

Especially for anxiety patients, the possibility of experiencing pain-free treatment is enormously important. For an individual suffering from a dental phobia, even the thought of the dental practice results in panic. This most often originates from a bad experience during childhood. For those affected, such fears have a great impact on their health. Many avoid visiting the dentist for decades and prefer living with severe pain. The consequences of a dental phobia may be for example:

  • Severely damaged teeth
  • Severely inflamed gingiva
  • Loss of bone in the jaw
  • Halitosis
  • Severe discoloration

Often, those affected are ashamed and no longer dare to leave the house because of the bad condition of their teeth.

Conquer fear through trust!

The most important factor in the treatment of anxiety patients is trust! The affected patient should feel at every moment that they are in control of the situation. For this reason, we explain every detail, and each step of the treatment, precisely.

Beginning with simple, non-threatening examinations, we win the patient’s confidence and can then continue the treatment step by step. On a first visit to our clinic there is usually no treatment. The patient should be given the opportunity to get to know us, and to get used to the practice rooms.

A pain-free treatment through the appropriate type of anesthesia helps to build confidence in a patient with anxiety.

Our partners: Anesthesia professionals of the Dreisamklinik in Freiburg!

Laughing gas provides a relaxed treatment experience

Laughing gas is a non-toxic gas, which has both a soothing effect, while at the same time significantly reducing anxiety and pain sensitivity. Sedation with laughing gas has the following advantages:

  • You keep control of your body.
  • You will experience a relaxed feeling of happiness.
  • There is no sense of anxiety or fear.
  • The gag and swallowing reflex are greatly minimized.
  • There is a reduced sensation of pain.
  • 15 minutes after treatment you can drive a car.
  • Sedation with laughing gas does not need to be given on an empty stomach

Laughing gas treatment can be precisely regulated by varying the oxygen content in the gas mixture. Laughing gas treatment has also proven successful in children!

Anesthesia in the dental practice Freiburg

In addition to laughing gas treatment, we also offer our patients further options for painless treatments::

  • Local anesthesia: The most frequently used method of anesthesia in dental practice is numbing the area (local anesthesia). The area to be treated is initially pre-anesthetized with a surface anesthetic so that very little of the actual anesthesia is felt.
  • Full anesthesia: Just doze through the treatment! The anesthesiologists of the Dreisamklinik administer the general anesthesia and supervise you during the entire treatment. The general anesthesia is reversed immediately after treatment.
  • Twilight sleep anesthesia: An alternative to the general anesthesia is twilight sleep anesthesia, also known as analgosedation. With this technique, pain sensations are greatly reduced, but the patient remains conscious. This method is particularly suitable for patients who suffer from anxiety, but who nevertheless wish to keep control of their treatment.
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