Prophylaxis in Freiburg: Prevention for healthy teeth – your lifetime long

Good prophylaxis prevents disease! Therefore the basis for the health of our patients already begins in the mouth – for healthy teeth, for overall good general health, and for quality of life!

Caries, and particularly periodontitis, are widespread diseases which have an influence on the whole body. Science has long since known that chronic inflammation in the mouth can increase the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, myocardial infarction, stroke or rheumatism.

Don’t let it get to this point and let’s work together on prevention!

Prophylaxis as health care

In our practice in Freiburg, we always have the whole person in view. For us, prophylaxis means:

  • Identifying risks
  • Treating causes
  • Preventing diseases

The basis for successful prevention is check-ups and professional teeth cleaning in our practice, in combination with conscientious dental care at home. In this respect, we are a reliable partner in your health, providing you with important tips.

Dangerous tooth plaque is responsible for inflammation

The ongoing goal of our prophylaxis in Freiburg is to maintain your healthy teeth. A central component of tooth care is the professional cleaning of teeth. Our specially trained dental hygienists remove harmful dental plaque from tooth surfaces, from the interdental spaces, and from the deep gingival pockets.

The following factors belong to a comprehensive prevention plan for teeth and gums:

  • Individual risks are recognized by professionals within the dental practice
  • Regular prophylaxis in the dental practice
  • Professional cleaning by prophylaxis professionals
  • Conscientious dental care and healthy, tooth-friendly nutrition

Caries and periodontitis are the greatest risks for our teeth. Periodontitis has now become a national disease in Germany, and is the most frequent cause of premature tooth loss in adults.

Triggers are microorganisms in the oral cavity that settle in the form of dental plaque in the gingival pockets. The result is inflammation of the gingiva (gingivitis), which in the advanced stage also affects the bone and the periodontal ligament (periodontal disease). In the long term, this inflammation leads to loss of bone in the jaw, and ultimately to the loss of healthy teeth.

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Dental hygiene: The way to prevent disease

In our practice in Freiburg, we prevent diseases of the teeth and gums with a comprehensive prophylaxis concept. It is important to us that beyond the four walls of the practice you also do something for your dental and oral health. Our trained dental hygienists support you as reliable partners for healthy teeth. The dental hygienist is the highest level of education in dental prophylaxis!

  • Tips for proper brushing
    Regular brushing is the basis of all good dental hygiene; however, dental plaques can only be avoided if cleaning is correct. Our prophylaxis experts will show you how to correctly use the toothbrush and explain why the shape of the brush, the hardness of the bristles, and the abrasive action of the toothpaste play an important role.
  • Use of floss and interdental brushes
    Cleaning once a day is not enough to keep your mouth permanently healthy. The toothbrush with its thick bristles can’t reach all the places where harmful bacteria is located. Therefore, it is important that you also clean the interdental spaces. Our prophylaxis professionals will show you how to use interdental brushes and dental floss to ensure clean conditions, even in narrow, tight areas.
  • Strengthening with fluorides
    Fluoride should never be left out of dental care because it protects the tooth from caries bacteria. In addition, fluoride supports remineralization of the tooth enamel if attacked by acid. This reduces the risk of tooth decay. In addition to fluoride-containing toothpaste, the additional use of fluoride gels or lacquers is recommended in settings of increased caries risk.
  • Sealing of children’s teeth
    In children and young patients with an increased risk of caries, sealing the so-called fissures in the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, or molars, is a sensible procedure. The fissures of the chewing surfaces are filled with a well-tolerated plastic resulting in easier cleaning. This significantly lowers the risk of caries!
  • Prophylaxis in children
    Milk teeth also need a lot of care so that the permanent teeth can have a healthy base. Continuous prophylaxis in conjunction with systematic dental care prevent caries occurring during the breakthrough of the first molar teeth. To achieve this, our prophylaxis specialists clean and polish the milk teeth and using fluoride, strengthen them against bacteria. Our dental hygienists also provide our younger patients and their parents with tips on how to correctly take care of children’s teeth.
  • Prophylaxis in implant patients
    An implant can only serve as the permanent basis for a safe dental prosthesis if inflammation at the tooth-bed is avoided! Left untreated, peri-implantitis leads to loss of the implant. Therefore, it is important, particularly during the healing phase, to recognize and treat potential inflammation in a timely manner. The same is true for natural teeth. Regular prophylaxis creates a healthy basis!
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Professional teeth cleaning: For healthy and beautiful teeth

An elementary part of prophylaxis is professional teeth cleaning. Two to four times a year you should make use of the professional teeth cleaning service in our practice. It will safeguard your health as well as the attractive appearance of your teeth, and also aids in the prophylaxis of caries and periodontitis.

Therefore, professional teeth cleaning makes sense

Even if you brush your teeth thoroughly, you cannot remove all bacteria. The toothbrush with its thick bristles cannot enter all the interdental spaces or reach every corner of the mouth. In the long run, bacteria can accumulate and cause damage!

Professional teeth cleaning in our practice consists of:

  • Examination and diagnosis of oral hygiene status
  • Examination and diagnosis of oral hygiene status
  • Creation of a joint prophylaxis plan with our professionals
  • Complete removal of all accessible hard and soft deposits on tooth and root surfaces
  • Cleaning of the interdental spaces
  • Teeth polishing
  • Fluoridation
  • Guidelines for everyday correct oral hygiene

Our prophylaxis specialists spend a great deal of time for your professional cleaning, and help you to remain in the best of health!

By the way, professional teeth cleaning has a nice side effect. It doesn’t just eliminate harmful bacteria but can also remove superficial discolorations. In many cases, bleaching is not necessary following teeth cleaning with professional instruments in our practice.

What is the cost of professional cleaning?

Each patient receives a detailed treatment and cost plan on his first visit to our dental practice. This allows you to know from the outset what costs to expect. This is of course also true for prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning!

Of crucial importance here is the time and the individual expense of the treatment.

Prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning are private services, paid for by the patient. Depending on the extent of insurance cover, private insurance providers may assume a part of the costs. For patients with public or state insurance, various supplementary dental insurance schemes and specific prophylaxis rates are available – more and more health insurance schemes include professional teeth cleaning.

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