Dental prothesis in Freiburg: From fillings to dental implants

We would also like to conserve our patients’ healthy teeth for as long as possible but this is not always possible. In the case of damaged teeth or loss of teeth, treatment should occur quickly. In beautiful Freiburg, the Q-Dentists offer an individual solution for every patient – both in terms of aesthetics and function!

With a dental prothesis on implants, we come ever closer to duplicating nature’s role model. Even toothless mouths can be restored with permanent teeth in a short time! We manufacture crowns, bridges and prostheses made of high-quality ceramics, and with the CEREC system, we can fit you with a high-quality dental prosthesis in only one session.

We will be happy to give you a personal consultation so as to find the right dental prosthesis for you.

Expectations from a good dental prothesis

The prosthesis should be long-lasting and not noticeable! Aesthetic and functional considerations are the most important when it comes to replacing natural teeth. We are also of the opinion that the best prosthesis is the one you cannot see!