CEREC in your dental practice in Freiburg

High-quality ceramic restorations in the shortest possible time:
‘Come once and everything is done’

Even if something is much faster, this is no reason to forgo on quality. An example is CEREC, a modern technique for producing high-quality dental prostheses made out of ceramics – in the shortest possible time without the need for troublesome impressions and transitional prostheses. The Q-Dentists in Freiburg also count on modern CAD / CAM technology.

CAD = computer-aided-design

CAM = computer-aided-manufacturing

The huge advantage is that you receive your crown, filling or bridge in only one session! The need for an impression and the annoying wearing of a transitional prothesis are no longer necessary!

Your benefits with CEREC:

  • A conventional impression with silicone is not required
  • Individualized shaping of your dental restoration using biocompatible materials
  • Very fast manufacturing of your fillings – insertion in one session

Thanks to digital precision: Dental prosthesis in one session

CAD / CAM stands for precision, safety and precise planning. Data sent from an intraoral camera forms the basis for the subsequent dental prosthesis. At the computer, we can already determine the shape and function of the new crowns or bridges. The data is then transmitted to a special milling unit, which cuts, with absolute precision, individual tooth prosthesis from prefabricated ceramic blocks.

The creation of a dental prosthesis with CEREC:

  • We provide our patients with both detailed and comprehensible information about the procedure.
  • Caries and old fillings are removed, and then with the aid of the intraoral camera we produce a 3-D image of the tooth.
  • This special measurement camera requires only a few seconds, and the unpleasant taking of an impression by means of a silicone compound is completely done away with.
  • Your dental restoration is engineered on the monitor of the CEREC recording unit.
  • The CEREC grinding unit then grinds your filling, crown or bridge out of a ceramic block.
  • We insert the new dental prosthesis and adapt it to the shape and color of your natural teeth.
  • After a few hours you leave our dentist’s office with a high-quality, dental prosthesis – without waiting and without needing a provisional arrangement.

CEREC in use: Individual ceramic prosthesis

With modern CAD / CAM technology, we now have many possibilities to produce high-quality dental prostheses. Here are some examples:

Full ceramic fillings: Inlays and onlays are fixed in the tooth and are the perfect alternative to gold, amalgam and plastic fillings.

Full ceramic veneers: The thin-skinned veneers are glued to damaged or discolored front teeth, allowing your smile to radiate naturally.

Full ceramic crowns and bridges: The most aesthetic solution for the perfect restoration of heavily damaged teeth.

Would you like to know how we can make your high-quality ceramic prothesis in just one session?
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