Implantology in Freiburg: Fixed new teeth in one day with All-on-4®

With the All-on-4 method, we provide implants to patients with larger toothless areas – in just one day. You can leave our practice on the same evening with fixed dental prostheses and start your new life.

The advantages of All-on-4 at a glance:

  • The dental prosthesis looks and feels like natural teeth.
  • The prosthesis is immediately loadable.
  • No removable temporary prosthesis or long period without teeth.
  • The treatment usually takes only one day.
  • Lower costs than classical implant treatments.
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Fixed teeth in one day: What is All-on-4?

“Fixed teeth in one day” is a special implant procedure for patients with a toothless upper &/or lower jaw. In a single procedure, several implants are inserted into the jaw. A stable temporary prosthesis can then be immediately fitted.

  • Four implants are all that is needed
    The method is called All-on-4 because we usually only need four implants per jaw. These implants are inserted obliquely into the lateral tooth area giving them the necessary stability. We are thus able to fit even completely toothless jaws with a new row of teeth. In just a few hours you will receive a durable dental prosthesis which feels like real teeth!
  • No lengthy bone augmentation
    In contrast to other methods, the often laborious and time-consuming process of bone augmentation, which typically occurs before implantation, is avoided. This is possible because the implants are specifically anchored in those jaw regions, in which there is already sufficient bone material for a strong fit.
  • Teeth on the same day
    You do not have to wait any longer for your new teeth – simply leave our practice the same evening with new fixed teeth!

Dr. Ralf Quirin and Dr. Stefan Schultheis have many years of experience performing implantations with the All-on-4 method. We have already helped countless patients regain their lives with new fixed teeth.

Who can benefit from All-on-4®?

With this method, “fixed teeth in one day”, we can fit a dental prosthesis to a totally toothless jaw. The method is suitable for people whose upper or lower jaws are toothless. Additionally, with our special treatment method in Freiburg, we can also help people whose own teeth can no longer be preserved.

All-on-4 is also an option for people who have been using full dentures for a long period. Although implants prevent further loss of bone in the jaw, a certain volume of bone is nevertheless the basic prerequisite for artificial tooth roots to find sufficient support.

With the aid of digitale volume tomography (DVT), we can establish whether the jaw bone has sufficient material for implantation.

The prerequisites for All-on-4 at a glance:

  • Toothless jaw or unsustainable remaining teeth
  • Sufficient bone volume
  • Detailed diagnostic process including a risk-assessment consultation
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The treatment in our dental practice

In order that you can leave our practice on the same day with your new fixed teeth and a smile on your face, we leave nothing to chance in terms of planning the treatment.

Exact diagnosis

An appointment for diagnosis is arranged before surgery. Using 3-D radiographs, we gain an insight into the bone structure of the jaw and can determine the exact position of the implants.

To enable immediate loading of your dental prostheses after implantation, we place the implants in those areas of the jaw in which there is sufficient bone material for a firm fit. Your provisional dental prostheses are also prepared based on computer data so that they are available on the day of treatment.

Our specialists will explain to you every detail of your treatment and will create an individual treatment and cost plan for you.

Your painless treatment day

On the day of treatment, you need to arrive early in our practice and can usually leave early in the afternoon – with new fixed teeth and a smile on your face!

This is how your treatment day for All-on-4 might look:

We welcome you in our practice

We welcome you in our practice

We induce the anesthesia

We induce the anesthesia

The procedure begins

The procedure begins

The procedure is successfully completed

The procedure is successfully completed

Insertion of provisional dental prostheses

Insertion of provisional dental prostheses

Dinner with new fixed teeth

Dinner with new fixed teeth

Even after the anesthetic has worn off, there is no need to be afraid of any pain. Only slight swellings may appear in the first days after the procedure, but these usually resolve quickly.

The anchoring of the implants is performed on the basis of exact computer modeling. To achieve an optimal hold for the implant-supported dental prosthesis, the implants in the anterior region of the jaw are usually inserted straight, whereas the posterior implants are inserted obliquely. This angled position increases stability, and furthermore, spares involvement of the nasal sinus and the sinus of the upper jaw as well as the nerve fibers passing into the lower jaw.

Necessary aftercare

To ensure optimal fusion of the implants with the jaw bone, we arrange several check-up dates post treatment. As a rule, the healing process occurs without complications; however, we would like to be certain that the dental prostheses meet all expectations!

The follow-up process:

  • 1-2 check-up dates in the days following implantation
  • 4-6 weeks later: fitting and inserting of the individual dental prosthesis
  • 3 times a year: check-up and cleaning of the implants and the prostheses
  • Every 2-3 years: X-ray to check the implants

Frequently asked questions regarding fixed teeth with All-on-4

Who can benefit from All-on-4?

With All-on-4, we furnish a complete jaw with new fixed teeth. This method is therefore suitable for patients who have toothless jaws or whose remaining teeth can no longer be preserved.

What are the benefits of All-on-4?

Your dental prostheses cannot be distinguished from your real teeth – both functionally and visually! In addition, this method offers the advantage that you can put pressure on your new set of third teeth on the same evening. All-on-4 therefore eliminates the need to wait for a dental prosthesis.

How much do dental prostheses with All-on-4® cost?

Since for each patient there are different implant requirements, the cost question cannot be answered on a general basis. However, we attach great importance to transparency and want you to be constantly informed about the next steps in treatment. We are more than happy to discuss the cost and treatment plan with you and to explain the corresponding cost factors.

Is the treatment with All-on-4 paid for by health insurance companies?

As a rule, statutory health insurance does not support the provision of implants. However, in certain cases, specific treatments may be granted. It is thus worth inquiring about your insurance coverage in advance. Private insurance companies usually bear the expenses.

How painful is the treatment?

If requested, we can perform the treatment under general anesthesia, allowing you to sleep through the procedure. One thing is certain: You do not have to be afraid of pain. We possess all options for making your treatment as comfortable as possible!


Find out now about the possibility of “fixed new teeth in one day” in Freiburg.
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