Temperomandibular joint and CMD: Functional therapy at Q-Dentists in Freiburg

Our teeth and jaw joints are true high performance athletes. The whole day, and often all through the night, they are squeezed, chewed and pressed! The teeth and jaw joints are a system that reacts very sensitively to changes, and many unexplained pains in the body have there origin here. In dentistry, we refer to disorders in this area as CMD – craniomandibular dysfunction.

In our dental practice in Freiburg, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of CMD.
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Possible Symptoms of CMD:

  • Headache, back pain, painful joints
  • Pain in the jaw or in the temples when you open the mouth
  • Restricted mouth opening
  • The jaw is blocked
  • Visual disturbances
  • Tinnitus – annoying and persistent noises in the ear

The temporomandibular joint and our teeth: Everything must fit

It’s all about the right bite! When the lower jaw and upper jaw no longer fit, then the entire system consisting of muscles, nerves and joints, changes. The skull (cranium) and the lower jaw (mandible) are functionally, closely related to each other. Unnatural tensions in the masticatory muscles are transmitted through the cervical spine to the entire body. Problems arise primarily through:

  • Missing teeth especially in the lateral area, the so-called support zone
  • Missing teeth especially in the lateral area, the so-called support zone
  • Malpositioned teeth
  • Dental prostheses that do not fit
  • Tooth filling which extends over the tooth margin
  • Clenching and grinding of the teeth (bruxism)

A missing tooth can thus affect the whole human being including the skeletal system. So you see, it is important to close tooth gaps and have teeth and dental prostheses checked regularly and comprehensively.

“Incidentally, a CMD must not have its origins in the jaw joint. Tensions in muscles and joints, or long-term postural problems, can, via the cervical spine, negatively affect the temporomandibular joints!”

CMD and what the Q-Dentists can do for you

The most important thing first: A CMD is a very complex process and affects not only the teeth and the jaws!

For this reason, we always treat our patients within an interdisciplinary network of orthopedists, orthodontists, physiotherapists or osteopaths from Freiburg and the surrounding area.

In many cases, stressful life cirumstances are a central cause of muscular tension. Teeth grinding at night is often triggered by a combination of stress in daily life and at work!

How do we treat a CMD?

  • In our dental practice we always start with a detailed physical examination of our patients along with an especially long interview.
  • If we find definite causes of a false bite position in the area of ​​the teeth and the temporomandibular joints, we treat these first.
  • Crowns or fillings which are too high are sanded down and tooth gaps are closed with the appropriate treatment.
  • We counteract the massive load on the teeth caused by crunching and pressing with special bruxism (grinding) splints.
  • Individually made bite splits (occlusion splints) counterbalance unnatural bite positions.
  • Physical therapy
  • Osteopathy
You are not sure where your headaches or back problems are coming from? Maybe we can help you! Please make an appointment for a functional analysis in our dental practice in Freiburg: 0761 71040