Solid teeth in one day

With this special implant procedure, 4 implants per jaw are inserted in a single procedure, onto which a fixed temporary denture is immediately placed.

The ALL-ON-4® method enables Q dentists to provide patients with larger edentulous areas with implants - in just one day, even for complete dental restorations. You'll get load-bearing dentures that feel like your real teeth in just a few hours. Leave our practice the same evening with fixed dentures and start your new life!

After 3 months, the definitive zirconia bridge is fitted and inserted.

As your dentist for dental restoration, Dr. Ralf Quirin and Dr. Stefan Schultheis have years of experience with implant placement using the All-ON-4 method. We have already been able to help numerous patients with a complete restoration to enjoy their lives again with fixed new teeth.

The advantages of All-On-4

Four implants are enough

As a rule, only four implants (all on 4) are required per jaw. They are inserted at an angle into the posterior tooth region, which gives them the necessary stability. Thus, we can provide you with a new row of teeth even in the case of a complete restoration of the teeth.

No lengthy bone augmentation

In the ALL-ON-4 method, the implants are anchored specifically in jaw areas where there is sufficient bone material for a firm fit.

Load teeth on the same day

You will leave our practice the same day with new fixed teeth!

Patient opinion


Toothless was yesterday

The ALL-ON-4® method is suitable for people whose upper or lower jaw is edentulous, whose own teeth can no longer be preserved, or for people who use a full denture. The implants prevent further recession of the jawbone.


X-rays with DVT allow Q-Zahnärzte to quickly determine if your bone is suitable for the requirements for treatment with ALL-ON-4®.


New fixed teeth in one day

So that you can leave our practice the same day with new fixed teeth and a smile on your face, we leave nothing to chance when planning the treatment.

Before the procedure, go through these steps to prepare:

  • Diagnostic appointment
  • Discussion with the dental technician about the color and shape of the new teeth
  • 3D radiographs
  • Determination of the position of the implants
  • Preparation of the dental prosthesis based on the computer data
  • Arrangement details of treatment
  • Preparation of treatment and cost plan


Your implants also need regular checkups and prophylaxis. You can find out how the correct aftercare works on the topic of implants.

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All-On-4® Freiburg in the Q dental practice: Our quality promise

  • the denture looks and feels like the real teeth
  • the denture is immediately loadable
  • No removable temporaries or prolonged edentulism
  • treatment usually lasts only one day
  • lower costs than with classic implant treatment

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