The Q-Zahnärzte look further:Healthy starts in the mouth - for the whole body

A healthy oral cavity is the best immune barrier - viruses and bacteria can already be warded off here.

Even one missing tooth can have an impact on the whole person and his skeletal system. In this area, many unexplained pains in the entire body have their cause.

Our teeth and jaw joints are true high-performance athletes: all day long and often during the night as well, we press, chew and squeeze. A system that reacts very sensitively to changes.

The Q-Zahnärzte consider dental health as a starting point for overall body health.


Teeth and jaws

In dentistry, we refer to functional disorders of the teeth and jaws that affect body health as "craniomandibular dysfunction" (CMD). As your dentist in Freiburg, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of CMD, which manifests itself through the following symptoms:

  • Headache, back pain, aching joints
  • Pain in the jaw or temples when opening the mouth
  • hypersensitive dental necks
  • restricted mouth opening
  • Jaw blockade
  • Visual disturbances
  • Tinnitus


Tension in the body

First and foremost, it's about the right bite! If the lower jaw and upper jaw do not fit together properly, the system of muscles, nerves and joints changes. The skull and lower jaw are functionally closely related. Tension in muscles and joints or permanent bad posture can negatively influence the temporomandibular joints via the cervical spine. From there, they are then transmitted to the entire body. Problems arise primarily due to:

  • missing teeth especially in the lateral area, the so-called support zone
  • Tooth misalignments
  • mismatched dentures
  • Dental fillings that protrude beyond the edge of the tooth
  • strong clenching of the teeth and teeth grinding (bruxism)

So you see: It is important to close gaps between teeth, to have teeth and dentures checked regularly and comprehensively and, if necessary, to carry out temporomandibular joint treatment.


Network of specialists

CMD does not only affect teeth and jaws. For this reason, we always treat our patients in a multidisciplinary network of orthopedists, orthodontists, physiotherapists or osteopaths from Freiburg and the surrounding area. In many cases, stressful life circumstances are a central trigger of muscular tension. Nocturnal teeth grinding is also often triggered by stress in everyday life and at work. After an extensive discussion and a manual examination, we can determine whether there are clear causes of an incorrect bite position caused by teeth and jaws.

These are possible treatments:

  • crowns or fillings that are too high are ground in
  • Tooth gaps closed again
  • special grinding splints counteract incorrect loading of the teeth and protect against harmful tooth wear
  • individually made occlusal splints compensate for unnatural bite positions and can bring the body back into balance
  • referral to physiotherapy or osteopathy if needed
The Q-Zahnärzte exchange information with specialists from other disciplines to treat patients holistically

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