A beautiful smile starts with straight teeth.

Straight teeth without optical disadvantages during correction? Is that possible?
With invisible braces, invisible tooth correction is no longer a pipe dream.


Invisible braces

The transparent splints - also known as Invisalign - are almost completely invisible and are not noticeable in everyday life.

Loose invisible braces

Clear braces are transparent splints used to straighten teeth. Especially popular: the invisible braces for adults. By means of digitally scanned silicone impressions of the dentition, the course can be simulated from beginning to end. Approximately 10 to 50 splints are made individually, each of which is worn for one to three weeks, for about 22 hours a day.

If the force of the splints - called aligners - alone is not sufficient to effect changes, small anchor points made of plastic - the attachments - are applied to the respective teeth.

  • The braces should be removed when eating and brushing teeth.
  • Invisible braces are not suitable for children during the change of teeth.

Advantages of invisible braces

  • Optics does not change during wear
  • Customized manufacturing
  • No unnecessary tooth movements
  • No pain
  • End position can be displayed virtually beforehand
  • Dental correction for adults

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