No chance for bacteria and viruses

An elementary component of prophylaxis is professional tooth cleaning (PZR). You should have a PZR in our practice two to four times a year. It ensures both the health and the good appearance of your teeth and serves as prophylaxis against caries and periodontitis. Even if you brush your teeth thoroughly, you will not remove all bacteria. So bacteria can accumulate and cause damage in the long run!


The basis for good preventive care is the interaction of prophylaxis in our practice and conscientious dental care at home. Learn more about oral hygiene at home!


Steps of teeth cleaning

Our specially trained dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants take a lot of time for professional teeth cleaning in Freiburg. To keep your teeth healthy in the long term, the prophylaxis professionals at the Q dental practice proceed as follows:

  • Examination and diagnosis of oral hygiene status
  • Creation of a prophylaxis plan
  • complete removal of all deposits on tooth and root surfaces and in the deep gum pockets
  • Cleaning of the interdental spaces
  • Teeth polishing
  • Fluoridation
  • Instructions for proper daily oral hygiene


What does a professional teeth cleaning cost?

Every patient receives a detailed treatment and cost plan during their first visit to our dental practice. You can find out more under Service.

By the way: PZR removes lighter discolorations. However, if you would like to whiten your teeth even more, we recommend bleaching tailored to your needs.

Dental hygiene for children

Sealing of children's teeth

In children and young patients with an increased risk of caries, sealing the so-called fissures in the occlusal surfaces of the molars can be useful. We fill the depressions in the occlusal surfaces with a well-tolerated resin, thus facilitating cleaning. This significantly reduces the risk of caries!

Prevention for children's teeth

Children's milk teeth also need a lot of care, because they are the basis for permanent teeth. Continuous prophylaxis in conjunction with consistent dental care - this prevents caries right from the eruption of the first milk tooth. For this purpose, our prophylaxis professionals clean and polish the milk teeth and strengthen them with fluoride against caries bacteria. Our dental hygienists also give young patients and their parents tips on how to care for children's teeth properly.

Mother brushes teeth together with her child

Do you have any questions about professional teeth cleaning or would you like to make an appointment?

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Prophylaxis in the Q-dental practice: Our quality promise

  • Recognize individual risks
  • prophylaxis plan adapted to the needs of your teeth
  • regular prophylaxis in the dental office
  • Professional teeth cleaning by prophylaxis professionals
  • Instructions for proper dental care and a tooth-healthy diet