With the Q dentists:
Healthy teeth for a lifetime

Two things are particularly important for your teeth: proper care at home and regular preventive care and checkups at the Q-Zahnärzte. With optimal oral hygiene, you lay the foundation for healthy teeth and a healthy body. Healthy starts in the mouth!



Prophylaxis is preventive dental care - an important part of which is professional teeth cleaning. This involves removing harmful plaque from the surfaces of the teeth, the spaces between the teeth and the deep gum pockets. In this way, inflammations in the oral cavity are prevented, the gums are protected, and slight discolorations of the teeth are removed. We will be happy to create your personal prophylaxis plan. In addition, we will also give you tips on dental hygiene for proper dental care at home.

  • the professionals in the dental practice recognize individual risks
  • regular prophylaxis in the dental office is important
  • Prophylaxis professionals clean your teeth qualified
  • conscientious dental care at home is indispensable
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Your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? They are swollen and red? The problem: inflamed gums. It is probably periodontitis - a chronic inflammation of the gums. Its main cause is bacterial plaque. This must be removed, otherwise the bacteria settle in the gum pockets around the teeth. If periodontitis is not treated, the gums retract and the teeth lose support - they can fall out.

By the way, periodontitis can also be related to problems of general health - e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pneumonia

It is not uncommon for periodontitis to affect the overall well-being of the entire body. About the

bloodstream, bacteria from the oral cavity can reach other parts of the body and trigger infections and diseases by releasing pro-inflammatory substances. These include stroke, rheumatism, risk of premature birth, heart inflammation and diabetes.

The Q-Zahnärzte are specialists in periodontology and prevent periodontal diseases through therapeutically skilled preventive measures.

  • the prophylaxis professionals check the condition of your gums
  • Inflammation is stopped and a stable tooth bed is restored
  • therapies prevent the recurrence of periodontitis
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Root canal treatment

A pain drives through the tooth as soon as you come into contact with hot or cold? An inflamed tooth nerve hurts.

However, the inflammation, which affects root canals in particular, often goes unnoticed. Bacteria enter the pulp through caries or other damage to the tooth and cause inflammation. If the root is not treated, the tooth nerve may die. During prophylaxis in our Freiburg practice, we can tell if your tooth nerve is doing well. If a nerve is inflamed, action must be taken quickly. With a root canal treatment, we can save your diseased tooth and preserve it completely.

Even teeth with major inflammations can usually be preserved and healed in the course of dental rehabilitation.

Get informed now!

  • Control of the dental nerves during prophylaxis
  • after root canal treatment the tooth is restored
  • the tooth does not change visually
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Anxiety patients

Pain: no thanks! In our dental practice in Freiburg, we offer patients pain-free treatment - from local anesthesia to twilight sleep to general anesthesia. Pain-free treatment is enormously important, especially for patients with anxiety. In most cases, the cause of the fear lies in bad experiences from childhood. Such fears have a great influence on dental and general health. Many avoid visiting the dentist for decades and prefer to live with severe pain. Whether for minor procedures or complete dental restorations for anxiety patients: We build trust during our treatment. We discuss every step of the treatment in detail. Get to know us!

  • Creating trust in a get-to-know-you conversation
  • concrete agreement of the course of treatment
  • individual anesthesia for each treatment
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