Prevention and control are the basis for healthy teeth

Good prophylaxis prevents disease! In this way, we lay the foundation for the health of our patients already in the mouth - for healthy teeth, for good general health and for a good quality of life!


In our practice in Freiburg, we always have the whole person in mind.
For us, prophylaxis means:

  • Recognize risks
  • Treat causes
  • Prevent diseases

The aim of our prophylaxis is to keep your teeth and body healthy. A central component of this is professional tooth cleaning. This is part of comprehensive preventive care for teeth and gums:

  • Regular prophylaxis
  • professional teeth cleaning
  • scrupulous dental care
  • tooth healthy diet

These are the risks you need to watch out for

Caries and periodontitis are the greatest risks for our teeth and can also increase the risk of various other diseases, such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke or rheumatism. Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), can also affect the bone and the root membrane in advanced stages (periodontitis). Don't let it get that far and take precautions together with us!

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