Getting to the root of the problem

If a tooth root is inflamed, the following has happened: Bacteria have entered the pulp of a tooth through the damaged enamel and dentin, causing inflammation. This usually affects the root canals of the tooth. This can cause severe pain, but it can also pass quietly without symptoms. Root inflammation can be detected by Q-Zahnärzte during a routine check-up. Quick action is called for!


Detect root infections in time and prevent them.
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Recognize the symptoms of inflammation

Root canal treatment is the most frequently performed treatment in endodontics, the dentistry of the inside of the tooth. The aim of any treatment in this field is to rehabilitate the tooth and thus preserve it.

When a tooth nerve is inflamed, it does not always have to hurt. The nerve retracts and dies over a period of years. Over a longer period of time, the inflammation also spreads to the surrounding bone. In the worst case, this can lead to chronic cysts or acute abscesses.

Interpret pain correctly and do not hesitate to make an appointment at Q dental office. The following signs indicate inflammation of the tooth root:

  • Throbbing and intense pain
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Touch pain
  • Swelling in the area of the jaw bone
  • Pustule


How to remove the inflammation

In a few steps, the inflammation in the tooth is removed and your tooth is saved as part of a dental restoration. After root canal treatment, the tooth is usually completely restored. It is visually and functionally indistinguishable from the other teeth.

  • we anesthetize the tooth, the procedure is painless
  • we place an access in the tooth
  • with the help of a surgical microscope, we remove the inflamed or already dead tissue inside the tooth up to the root tips
  • we disinfect the sewer system
  • Finally, we make the tooth bacteria-proof with a filling

Only in very rare cases does a root canal treatment have to be repeated.


You want to know what options we offer for anesthesia? Here you can find all the info about an esthesia in our practice.


Treatment without traces

After root canal treatment, the tooth is completely restored. The filling of the tooth is matched to the natural shade of your tooth, it is visually indistinguishable from your other teeth. Often root-treated teeth need a crown for stabilization. In this case, we can use modern all-ceramics to offer substance-preserving, stable and highly aesthetic solutions.

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Root canal treatment in the Q dental practice: Our quality promise

  • The root canal treatment is painless for you.
  • A repetition of the root canal treatment is usually not necessary. The tooth can often be preserved for a longer period of time. Chronic inflammation in the jaw and body disappear.