The right dental care

In our practice in Freiburg, we prevent diseases of the teeth and gums with a comprehensive prophylaxis concept. You also need to do something for your dental and oral health yourself at home. Our dental hygienists, who are trained for this purpose, will advise you on these topics:

Daily dental care
  • Brush teeth properly
  • Avoid plaque
  • Thoroughly clean the interdental spaces
Dental care products for your teeth
  • correct toothbrush (shape, bristles, hardness)
  • suitable toothpaste
  • Aids for care of interdental spaces (dental floss, interdental brushes)
Cleaning interdental spaces
  • Correct use of care products
  • Procedure in narrow places
Protect tooth enamel
  • Use of fluorides in dental care
  • Fluorides protect against caries
  • Promote remineralization of the teeth

Dental hygiene for implant patients

An implant can only serve you permanently as a basis for a safe tooth replacement if you avoid inflammation of the periodontium! Peri-implantitis leads to the loss of the implant without treatment. Especially during the healing phase, it is therefore important to recognize and treat possible inflammations in time. But implants also need special care later on, this significantly improves a good prognosis for implants.

Do you have any questions about professional teeth cleaning or would you like to make an appointment?

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Prophylaxis in the Q-dental practice: Our quality promise

  • Recognize individual risks
  • prophylaxis plan adapted to the needs of your teeth
  • regular prophylaxis in the dental office
  • Professional teeth cleaning by prophylaxis professionals
  • Instructions for proper dental care and a tooth-healthy diet