The Q-Zahnärzte know:
The basis of a beautiful smile are healthy teeth

Only well-groomed teeth can remain healthy in the long run. Dental aesthetics is not just about having beautiful teeth - we want them to be beautiful and healthy. Lost, damaged teeth or misaligned teeth are not only a visual blemish; they also impair the functionality of the dentition. Visual defects of the teeth limit the feeling of being alive. Reconstructive-aesthetic dentistry restores the optimal function of your teeth and perfects the appearance of your teeth.

  • In the area of the front teeth, small defects are immediately noticeable. We remove these small blemishes!
  • Correction of malocclusions in cooperation with experienced orthodontists or with invisible braces at our practice
  • Gum corrections
  • Removal of discoloration with professional teeth whitening
  • Replacement of missing teeth close to the example of nature



There are many reasons for tooth discoloration - among others, stimulants such as coffee, tea, tobacco or red wine are responsible. These change the natural tooth color and disturb the appearance. Brushing your teeth is the only way to get rid of these annoying discolorations. A first step towards brighter teeth is professional teeth cleaning. Stubborn discolorations can be gently removed by bleaching with active oxygen at Q-Zahnärzte .

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Invisible braces

With transparent braces, invisible tooth correction is no longer a pipe dream.

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Veneers are a dental restoration option that can make a big difference to the appearance of your teeth with relatively little effort! The wafer-thin ceramic shells cover chipped tooth edges, deep-seated discoloration and veneer your teeth brilliant white with a smooth surface. Fulfill your dream of a beautiful smile.

Fulfill the dream of your natural dream smile.

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Digital Smile Design

Do you have a precise picture in mind of how you want your teeth to look? Become a smile designer for your perfect smile: every shape, every corner of your teeth can be planned according to your personal wishes with our high-tech Digital Smile Design program. At the Q dental practice in Freiburg, you get teeth with character: unique pieces that fit you perfectly!

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