For naturally white teeth

Brilliantly bright teeth stand for vitality, health and attractiveness. But the natural tooth color often looks different. Yellow and brownish discolorations settle on the teeth and disturb the appearance. Bleaching - gentle on the teeth and effective - makes annoying discolorations disappear quickly and permanently.


Teeth should shine

You cannot prevent discoloration from settling on the surfaces of your teeth by caring for them at home. There are many reasons for tooth discoloration:

  • certain foods such as coffee, tea, tobacco or red wine leave color particles on the tooth surfaces and penetrate the tooth structure
  • Teeth become darker with age
  • certain medications favor tooth discoloration
  • an overdose of fluoride can trigger a change in tooth color


Gentle effect

In tooth bleaching, the teeth are gently lightened by active oxygen. Even discolorations that have deeply penetrated the enamel can be removed by bleaching. In this way, a naturally dark tooth color can be lightened. Modern bleaching procedures are painless and gentle to teeth.


The decisive factor for the cost of bleaching in Freiburg is the amount of work involved in the practice. How extensive bleaching is depends on the extent of discoloration.


Bleaching methods

Repeated bleaching can remove even severe discoloration and achieve a significant whitening of the teeth. If desired, we can lighten your teeth by two to eight color levels. In our dental practice in Freiburg we offer the following bleaching methods:

  • Home bleaching: For this, the dentist makes a plastic dental splint in the practice. The patient performs the bleaching process independently according to the doctor's instructions: The dental splint is filled with the bleaching agent and worn for one or more hours. The duration of application is two to six weeks.
  • In-office bleaching: This procedure helps with discoloration that has penetrated the tooth from the outside. The treatment is performed only in the office. For this purpose, the dentist applies the bleaching agent externally to the teeth and leaves it to act for some time. The dentist can intensify the effect with a special lamp or laser light.
  • Walking bleaching: This technique is an internal whitening therapy used for discoloration of root-filled teeth. In this process, the dentist puts the bleaching agent into the opened tooth. A few days pass before the desired whitening is achieved. During this time, the tooth is temporarily closed.
Before/after effect of teeth bleaching

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  • painless
  • long lasting
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