Did you know that, statistically speaking, more than half of Germans are afraid of visiting the dentist? People who suffer from a pronounced fear of visiting the dental practice and are very anxious and nervous when they have to see a dentist are referred to as anxiety patients.

The fear can have different reasons. For example, bad experiences in the past or fear of pain. For some, the fear is so bad that they generally avoid visiting the dentist - which can have serious consequences for their dental health. To take away their fear, we make sure that our patients feel comfortable with us. We specialize in providing patients with dental phobia with comprehensive help. Without pain.

There is usually no treatment during the first visit to our Q dental practice. In the first session, we give patients time to get used to our practice, get to know us and build up trust in us. A careful preliminary discussion helps to reduce fears and concerns. Because pain-free treatment is particularly important for anxious patients, we offer treatments under general anesthesia or in twilight sleep (analgosedation).

We will be happy to advise you. Don't let your fear determine your health and come and see us.