When most people think of ceramics, they probably think of their grandmother's tea set. But this popular material has also long since earned its place in dentistry. In our Freiburg practice, we crown implants with dentures made of high-performance ceramics. This has many advantages for you.

Better properties than metal

Zirconia ceramics has virtually nothing in common with the cup from the tea cupboard. It is a high-tech material that has similar properties to metal. In some cases, ceramics are even superior to metal alloys.

These are the advantages of ceramic dentures:

  • Particularly stable
  • Translucent like a natural tooth
  • Also suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Dental plaque adheres less quickly
  • Fast supply possible

Ceramic dentures show their strengths particularly in the visible anterior region. No one can see the difference between the replacement and the original! Another advantage of high-performance ceramics: You don't have to wait for your dentures. Thanks to the modern CEREC process, we can fabricate your crown or bridge in just one session. There is no need to take an inconvenient impression!

Titanium implants as an optimal basis

However, before the ceramic can crown the denture, an implant must create a solid base. To do this, we insert the artificial tooth root into the jawbone. In our practice we use titanium implants.

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"Titanium implants are very good for anchoring in the bone. Ceramic as a crown material is great for the gums, biocompatible and highly esthetic. An optimal combination," explains Dr. Stefan Schultheis.

In our practice we offer you various solutions with ceramic dentures. Talk to us: We can also crown your smile!