Holistic oral hygiene and dental health are the basis for beautiful teeth. With our wide range of measures, we at the Q dental practice work with you to lay the foundation for your most beautiful smile.

Build on this in everyday life! With a balanced and bite-friendly diet. We will show you which foods promote your dental hygiene and health and which you should literally enjoy with caution.

Healthy food for healthy teeth

A healthy dental diet is characterized by variety and balance. Fresh food plays a special role in your dental health: fresh fruit and vegetables are crunchy. This promotes the removal of plaque and stimulates saliva production. The same applies to cereals such as wholegrains and nuts. High saliva production helps to neutralize acid. You can actively strengthen your teeth with foods that contain fluoride and those with a high calcium content, such as dairy products.

Preserving healthy teeth: The influence of sugar and acids

A poor diet can damage your teeth. This applies in particular to foods that promote tooth decay. Try to avoid sugar. Sugar serves as food for the bacteria in your mouth and produces acids as a by-product. As a result, your tooth enamel is attacked and can become porous in the long term. Acidic foods have the same effect. But don't worry, you don't have to give up sugar completely as long as you regularly remove the plaque on your teeth through good oral hygiene. This includes daily brushing and flossing - and professional teeth cleaning.

Feel free to contact us and work with us to give you a radiant smile with beautiful and healthy teeth.