With dental veneers from Freiburg, we simply make minor and major blemishes on the front teeth disappear. The wafer-thin ceramic veneers are very popular with our patients. Therefore, our dentist Dr. Stefan Schultheis answers important questions about the treatment with veneers and explains how the costs for the veneers arise.

What do veneers actually cost?

This question is asked very often. First of all, however, something important first: the patients who come to our practice and decide to have veneers make this decision for very personal reasons. They have often been suffering from the consequences of minor or major blemishes on their incisors for many years and have considered this step carefully.

The new quality of life they have received with the veneers cannot be offset with a specific sum. Nevertheless, I naturally understand that our patients are interested in the cost of treatment with veneers. I could name a sum now, but that would be very dubious. This is because we customize the veneers to meet the individual needs of our patients. And the price is based on that.

What are the costs for veneers?

Those who opt for veneers do not want a second-class solution, but a first-class solution. After all, it's all about the smile! Many underestimate the influence that teeth have on our appearance. Even small changes are often enough to make a big impact. In our practice, we therefore deliberately use all-ceramic veneers.


All-ceramic veneers meet high demands

Ceramic is particularly close to the appearance of the natural tooth. The light refracts similarly to the real teeth and ceramic veneers do not change their color even after several years. There are scientific studies that deal with the durability of veneers. The results are amazing: most patients have not had to have the veneers touched up even 20 years after treatment.


Veneers are created by hand

Each veneer is made by hand and is custom-made. Layer by layer, dental technicians add the ceramic shells on top of each other. This process continues until a perfect replica of the natural tooth has been created.


With veneers we also make malpositions disappear

The cost of veneers naturally also depends on the extent of the treatment. A chipped tooth edge is easier to cover with veneers than a misalignment. Before treatment with veneers, our patients naturally receive a cost estimate, which we adhere to!

What types of veneers are there and what are the differences in cost?

Veneers are divided into high-quality all-ceramic dental veneers and so-called non prep veneers and veneers to go.


Non Prep Veneers Cost

The cost of non prep veneers (lumineers) can be higher than for normal veneers, as the production is more complex. Special ceramic materials are used in the production process, which the dental technician shapes into ultra-thin shells.


Veneers to go costs

Veneers to go is the name of the treatment method in which we provide our patients with dental veneers in just one session. Veneers to go therefore usually cost less than the high-quality solution that our dental technicians make individually for you. However, veneers to go are only suitable for veneering blemishes on the incisors.

Are the veneer costs covered by the health insurance?

In general, treatment with veneers is not covered by health insurance. However, if there is a medical necessity, the health insurance company will cover at least part of the costs.

Example: Bite reconstruction

Due to severe teeth grinding, it happens that the teeth lose considerable substance. Then we have to reconstruct the entire bite. For this purpose, veneers and partial crowns are necessary to rebalance the wrong bite position. This creates a medical necessity, which usually makes it possible to subsidize the cost of dental veneers.

Veneers: The health insurance company receives all the necessary documents from us

Private patients can expect their health insurance to cover the costs of dental veneers much more frequently. This is because private insurers allow more options for medically necessary treatment with veneers.

We make the necessary photos, X-rays and findings, which we send to the responsible staff of your insurance company. As a rule, the costs are covered without complications in case of medical necessity.

By the way: We offer you the possibility to pay the treatment costs in installments. We would be happy to provide you with more information about our cooperation with the German Dental Data Center DZR in Stuttgart.

Questions about tooth veneers cost

We will be happy to explain to you once again in person how the costs for dental veneers come about and what amount you can expect. Make an appointment: 0761 71040