When a tooth breaks off, it is initially a shock. But in many cases, the broken piece can be reattached using a special adhesive technique. If this is not possible, veneers are an option. We explain how we treat a broken tooth with the ceramic veneers.

Broken tooth: What to do after the tooth accident?

It doesn't always have to be the tooth accident on the playground. Sometimes a slice of bread that is a little too hard is enough to win the test of strength with the tooth. If a piece of the tooth is broken off, it is important to remain calm! In many cases, the tooth can still be saved if you follow a few rules:

What to do if a tooth is broken?

  • Inspect the oral cavity for broken pieces and remove them
  • Collect broken-off tooth pieces and place them in a tooth salvage box
  • Immediately call us at the practice and make an appointment

If a tooth has broken off but no pain is felt, this can have various causes. Possibly the affected area is so small that the nerve is not touched, or a root-treated tooth has broken off. In this case, the tooth nerve is already dead.


What is a dental rescue box?

A broken tooth dries out within a few minutes. During this process, the cells on the root surface, which are important for the survival of the tooth, die. A tooth rescue box contains a special solution in which the piece that has broken off the tooth can be stored for between 24 and 48 hours - until the broken-off piece is glued back on in our practice. Tooth rescue boxes are available in pharmacies.

Treat chipped tooth with veneers

A broken out tooth corner is a blemish that you should correct - for aesthetics and your self-confidence! Because whenever you show your teeth when you laugh or speak, your counterpart will have the consequences of the tooth accident in front of his eyes. In the long run, your self-confidence and the ease of smiling without worries will suffer as a result. Whatever the reason for the broken tooth, we make sure that no one will ever see it again.

One option: veneers!

More info: Veneers from the dental practice Freiburg: Shine like the stars

These are wafer-thin ceramic veneers that we permanently bond to your teeth using a special bonding technique. With veneers, we give damaged, heavily worn or discolored teeth back an attractive and natural appearance. They are mainly used when a piece of the tooth or a corner of the tooth is broken off on one of the visible front teeth.

Ceramic is the best solution for your smile

Ceramic veneers are perfect for restoring your beautiful smile after a dental accident. No one will notice that a small piece of tooth once broke off at this point.

These are the advantages of veneers from our dental practice in Freiburg:

  • No grinding of the tooth
  • Surface prevents deposits
  • High breaking strength
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Painless procedure

We are convinced of the high-performance porcelain ceramic from our own dental laboratory. We will be happy to show you how we repair broken teeth!

Tooth broken off: Costs and other questions

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