Discoloration can cause teeth to lose their shine. If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, you can help yourself with bleaching. But be careful: professional teeth whitening belongs in the hands of professionals! We explain why teeth discolor and why only the dentist should help!

Coffee, tea and nicotine are darkeners

Our tooth color is as individual as our thumbprint. It is the result of a mix of genetic specifications and external influences. In addition to Mother Nature, certain stimulants can also influence the color of teeth. Anyone who wants to have white teeth should therefore avoid these darkeners as far as possible:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Nicotine
  • Red wine
  • Cola

Acid in particular is an enemy of healthy and white teeth. Eating acidic foods causes important minerals to be dissolved out of the enamel. The result: the surface becomes thinner and thinner and the underlying dentin shimmers through. Instead of a brilliant white, the teeth then appear grayish-yellow.

Often there is more behind the discolorations

However, discolored teeth can also be an indication that something is wrong with oral hygiene - and then the dull smile is the least of your worries. Because if you don't take good and regular care of your teeth, you risk tooth decay and inflammation of the gums in the long run. That's why teeth whitening is a case for your dentist! Self-made bleaching from the supermarket shelf removes discoloration at most - but the cause of the tooth discoloration remains.

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Our dental practice is not just about getting teeth nice and white. We find the reason for discoloration and develop a strategy with our patients to take better care of their teeth in the future. If the conditions for teeth whitening are met, we give the teeth a new shine!

Gentle teeth whitening only in the office!

For this we use substances from carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. This makes it possible to lighten the teeth by two to eight color levels. Depending on your type and taste, you can choose your own personal shade.

According to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, products containing more than 0.1 percent to 6 percent hydrogen peroxide may only be used under direct dental supervision.

We can even remove severe discoloration by bleaching several times. And the most important thing: you know that your teeth are not only white, but also healthy! Therefore, you better leave the fingers of various self-made bleachings and ask us what your teeth really need!