The smile is as unique as a fingerprint. But not everyone is satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. In our dental practice in Freiburg, we find solutions for patients who want beautiful teeth. In this interview, our dentist Dr. Stefan Schultheis explains what makes beautiful teeth for him and what role health plays in this.

What are beautiful teeth for you?

There is nothing more beautiful than healthy, clean teeth with healthy gums. In addition, the teeth must integrate well with the laugh, so that it looks naturally beautiful. Nothing makes a person more attractive than a beautiful laugh!

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What solutions do you offer when the teeth do not meet the ideal of beauty?

There is a solution for every problem. Starting from prophylaxis, to bleaching. We also have the possibility to compensate for minor tooth misalignments with invisible braces. In case of larger damages or massive discolorations, veneers are the optimal solution. However, you should only let a specialist do this, as it can quickly look very fake. Great teeth should also look great, but never be recognizable as false teeth. We can achieve this in the dental practice!

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What can dental esthetics do for dental health?

Only healthy teeth are beautiful teeth, everyone should be aware of that. Fortunately, this is the case with our patients. They know after the treatment: I have to take care of the teeth to keep them so beautiful. Therefore, people with beautiful teeth care much more about their dental health.

If you would like to learn more about aesthetic solutions from our dental practice, contact us. We will be happy to give you more information!

Did you already know? Our practice is amalgam-free!

Veneers cost

We have two materials available for treatment with veneers: Composite and ceramic. We will be happy to advise you on the costs of both solutions. Composite veneers are slightly cheaper than veneers made of high-performance ceramics. In our dental office you can also get examples of veneers before and after.

Modern dental aesthetics offers solutions for your needs and wishes. Get in touch with our dental practice. We will give you a smile worthy of Hollywood that can be seen on any red carpet in Freiburg and the world.